Assistant to Sales Representative

Full Time


Assistant to the Cannabis Sales Representative

GreenForce is working with Tumalo Industries/Dr Jolly’s located in Bend, OR to fill their Assistant to the Cannabis Sales Representatives opening. This position is designed to assist the Sale Teams with all administrative tasks, customer relations, and keeping our records for accounts up to date. The ideal candidate will possess extreme attention to detail, focus, flexibility, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven industry.


  • $13.50/hr training wage for 2 week period; $14.50/hr after the training period. Reviews are performance-based.

  • 401k benefits after 1 year

  • Health insurance benefits after 60 days of averaging 40/hrs per week

  • Payday incentives

  • Employee discounts


• Be 21 years or older
• Must have an OLCC marijuana workers permit

• Must be able to lift 25lbs or more

• STRONG Attention to detail

• Standing/sitting for long periods of time

• Proficiency with math and spelling

• Must be a team player

• Advanced communication skills

• Knowledgeable in the following:

 • Microsoft Office

 • Email and communication platforms

 • Google Sheets/Docs

Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Maintains a friendly, courteous, and compassionate demeanor at all times

  • Adheres to the company’s mission statement and core values and maintains high ethical standards and professionalism in all business interactions;

  • Understands the complexity of compliance requirements governing our businesses, stays up to date and on top of new regulations as they occur in an ever-changing industry.

  • Inputting new accounts into the invoice building platform, updating that information when necessary

  • Provide support and efficiency with the Sales Representatives and Order Fulfillment Team

  • Adding to the Sale Representative’s log of invoices, keeping up to date with payments/due dates

  • Organizing the Sales Representatives Deliveries for the day, putting them in order on the calendar and coordinating with the accounts

  • Assisting the Sale Representative in building invoices

  • Assisting the Sales Representatives in their communication with accounts

  • Maintain inventory of all merchandise

  • Responsible for maintaining the integrity of all confidential information, including but not limited to inventory counts, sales data, wholesale costs, and overall company information. NDA required.

  • All other job duties as assigned may include fieldwork with the sales team (travel).

  • Wholesale Menu Creation and keeping up to date

  • Delivers flawless work output (accuracy and efficiency a must!)

  • Takes initiative, must be willing to complete the task (stay late if required)

  • Understanding of state packaging design and approval process (we will work with you on this)

  • Packaging manufacturing when needed

  • Strong organizational skills and time management

  • Ability to work independently as well as part of the team to ensure that the needs of the Sales Director, Sales Representatives and Operations Manager are always met and that adequate assistant coverage is provided to them

  • Overall Tech-savvy

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Comfortable working in an office setting, focusing abilities and prioritizing

  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills

  • Adapts to continuous change/growth; policy changes

  • Completing and packing sales orders from start to finish, extreme accuracy

  • Ability to go above and beyond what is listed here. Room to grow within the company